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So I have a little confession, Its no secret I am a verbal antagonist for running. I hate it, to me running is boring – or at least I can’t run for long because I get bored out of my mind. I did a sprint distance triathlon a few years back and bombed out on the running because I did not train for the run, why you ask? Because I hate running!
So here is my confession, This weekend my son YayHoo and I, were semi-volunteered/volunteered on our own for the Relay for Life. Its a 24 hour relay race dedicated for the cause of raising money for cancer. We were asked by Malea’s 82 year old grandfather to join his Team – the Dr. Daves team. So this is what I knew: I knew it was a run and that it had to do with cancer and that people brought tents and camped out all night. That’s about all I knew, oh and that Malea’s grandpa had done it for a few years. Running aside, WOW! This was such an amazing experience. So very inspirational and just plain awesome! Just when I think I am maybe a little cool, everywhere I look I see the most amazing people conquering the most difficult and trying situations. My hat goes off to all those survivors, care givers, supporters, donaters (not a word but I can’t think of another way to say it), researchers, groupies, and just all ya’all! Now back to running, Come to find out this is the 25th race here in St. George and Malea’s Grandpa – Dr. Dave Mason has participated in this Relay for Life all 25 years! He was also named the Grand Marshall of the race and, on his tricycle, led the survivor walk around the track, which was awesome! Unfortunately his health is so that he can’t participate like he used to. But even with his walker he conquered a few laps around the track, such an amazing man and cancer survivor I might add. Now on to my confession, no really this time, – I had a great time… running… I know weird, huh. I enjoyed running and I ran a lot… well a lot for someone who simply does not run for fun or enjoyment. I completed an even 50 laps in under 16 hours. If my math is correct that’s 12.5 miles. Yeah sure I walked a few but I also sprinted a few. I think that may be a personal distance record. Sure I hike and play soccer, and basketball, and mountain bike etc. But never run just to run. So I am a little excited, maybe I have found a new interest, maybe I can stop the personal silent war on those who enjoy running. Who knows maybe I may run for fun. Now don’t get me wrong you won’t be seeing me in next year’s marathon, and maybe all that hype and excitement for a great cause was all the enjoyment I may find in running, but maybe you may see me on the trail or the side of the road or checking in on facebook or twitter so if you do – cheer me on and maybe even come join me.
Here is what I learned:
1) Running 12.5 miles without training at my age is not good.
2) I need some good running shoes that fit.
3) Little kids with cancer are my new heroes.
4) There are a handful of 60-80 year olds that could kick my butt (literally).
5) Do not plan on sleeping much if you stay at the track.
6) My son Yay-hoo is a stallion.

Pictures to come

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