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Sounds like the makings of the next Hollywood blockbuster, right… Yeah no, this was the climactic ending to our St. Patrick’s Day celebration at my parents house in the quite town of Leeds next to Silver Reef. Apparently something big, bad and ugly went down within a few hundred yards from where we were eating. Before the show wrapped up we had three sheriff’s officers, five police officers, two ambulances – Leeds Ambulance and Dixie Ambulance (both at the scene in great time I might add), a Life Flight Helicopter (which flew directly over their house no more than 50 feet above – A highlight of the evening), a fire truck, a forest service truck and several curious by-standers. No one was very forth coming with much information, other than a sheriff’s deputy stated that they were still looking for the 71 year old male who had made the call to 911, the fact that the area was now a crime scene and a little comment about there being no threat to our safety.

Now here is what else WE gathered. The Life Flight helicopter came in a hurry and then… wait for it… shut down it’s engines and stayed for over a half hour and then departed with no new passengers. Through binoculars we could see medics holding an IV bag and others kneeling around something or someone on the ground. There were several officers/personnel hiking down through the ravine with flashlights, the sheriff’s deputy that would talk was wearing large black rubber gloves, when the ambulance’s left an hour later they were not in a hurry and did not leave with lights or sirens, AND… we later heard that the 911 call was dispatched as a gun shot wound to the chest – *jaw drop*… You would not believe the scenarios we were coming up with. Oh yeah and we did not hear any gun shots, from within my parents house-with noisy kids running around. Even the kids were asking funny questions and were so intrigued with what was going on.

So we are yet to know what actually happened, give me your take on what went down that night in little ole Leeds Utah.



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