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This is what happens on a Sunday afternoon when Lou-Hoo is in her element. She dresses up her little brothers and displays them for the rest of us to laugh at/with. We all had a good little laugh once Shnooky-Hoo got over the embarrassment and realized it was funny.
Happy Puppy

Snoop Doggy Daws

Captain Dawson

So I also have been recently called as the gospel principles teacher, which for reference is my favorite class to attend. Not sure, so much, about being the teacher but hey I have never turned down a calling and don’t intend to start now. This week’s lesson was about the Lord’s Covenant People. Which brought to memory covenants that I have made and covenants that have been made to others which directly and indirectly affect me. I have never (to my knowledge) broken a covenant that I have made, but was harshly reminded that I may not recall the details of certain covenants. And specifically the distinction between precise covenants and maybe just promises. I felt the need to rethink my situation and was in a round-a-bout way called to repentance. My plan is to become more aware daily of the covenants that I have chosen to partake of, and seek to understand rights and blessings that I have claim to, due to others covenants that relate to me.
P.S. One of my favorite covenants that relates to me, and you for that matter, is God’s covenant to Noah – whereby God will never again flood the earth. Which is good because although I may be a good swimmer I could not tread water for more than a few hours, let alone 40 days!
If by chance you have, can you recall all the covenants you have made?

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